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TCBA Committee

Tasmania Chinese Business Association (TCBA) is a federation of chambers of commerce, industry associations and friendship societies that represents Chinese companies throughout Tasmania. Founded on 8th August, 2013, in Hobart, Tasmania.

The aim of the Tasmanian Chinese Business Association (TCBA) is to build relationships and networks of trust that are mutually beneficial to Tasmanian and Chinese businesses. We offer professional, independent, non-profit services that focus on supporting businesses in Tasmania by sharing opportunities, knowledge and expertise.

Through our efforts, we will provide companies with practical support, useful connections and valuable access to new ideas and innovations. Even though we’re not for profit, we’re powerfully placed to help those who are.

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lord mayor and Premier Lara Gidding

As a member of TCBA you will be able to find out opportunities about migration, careers, business and studying at the university.

As membership is by invitation please feel free to contact us directly to chat through how becoming a member of the Tasmanian Chinese Business Association can help your business.


Contact us by sending an email to admin@tcbatasmania.com.au