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Why join us ?

If you are a new migrant or a graduate planning to start your career in Tasmania or an existing business, we are hopeful you will find a bright future by being a member of TCBA. We are also hopeful that through the Association, you will be able to obtain useful information for your business.

If you already have your own business and you are looking for opportunities to expand your Tasmanian business into China, TCBA can be a useful information resource. As an association, we are hopeful that we can provide a voice and useful information to the Tasmanian business community on how to build and develop business relationships in China. It is believed that our assistance can enhance your ability to succeed.

If your business is in another part of Australia or other countries, we believe that TCBA can also be of assistance.

What we can do for our members

The objective of TCBA is to provide services about exchanging information and providing business opportunities; making new friends and reuniting with old friends. Examples of some planned activities include:

  • Seminars, e.g, real estates, investment and financing, immigration consultation, insurance and superannuation, etc.
  • Business forums with other industries, e.g building and construction, retailing, manufacturing,aquaculture, tourism etc.
  • Association networking events e.g. members functions, cocktail parties, dinner parties, etc.
  • Exhibitions and trade shows e.g. Chinese Merchandise exhibition, Light Industrial Products, technology and education etc.

Associated services

TCBA plans to have access for its membership to consultative/information services such as:

  • Lawyers and immigration agents201012616185710 300x225 Membership
  • Accountants and financial advisors
  • Property development and buying/selling
  • Importing and exporting for business
  • Tourism and travel.
  • Retail services
  • Aquaculture and agriculture
  • Information technology