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“Hoji”means “good mate” in Chinese, two weeks ago, we were very pleased to be invited by our good mate —HoJi company. TCBA members and friends attended this Lovely lodge function party in shanghai soirée Salamanca restaurant,once again, very touching speech from HoJi chairman Tony and Jim, at the night lovely dishes,great music (thanks for two lovely angel’s live music),50 guests attended.Apologies for the late  upload theses photos,please email :admin@tcbatasmania.com.au to get more good photos.
As you can see few lanterns have already hanging on the restaurants,we are looking forward to see more beautiful lanterns hanging on Salamanca square in next month:)!


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  1. Novita February 22, 2016 3:24 am 

    Interesting to note Mr Grooms claim of not enough ntoice being the reason for not attending. I spoke to him as I was leaving, he was watching the goings on from over near the green garden sheds. Some of the media were still there at the time. It was a wasted opportunity for some publicity on his behalf I think, he could have appeared on camera and accepted the bike, there was no need to endorse the plan on the spot. All he had to say was that he would read it.Given his alternate transport role I think it is the least he could have done. I’m apolitical but its not a good look, a cynic might conclude that bicycles are a little bit too alternate! Hey anything other than a Gov car/fuel card is alternate right

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