Tasmania Chinese Business Association (TCBA) lodge party night

Tasmania Chinese Business Association (TCBA) lodge party night

15-11-2013 · K0srxReVLKP Tasmania Chinese Business Association (TCBA) lodge party night · shoot at  Wrest Point Hotel Casino
The first Chinese business association has established on 8th August 2013, and the lodge party was held in Hobart wrest point casino on 15th November. This is an important moment in the Tasmania Chinese community history. No doubt that it was a good way to meet and reunite new community friends and business friends turn up, much appreciated all of the distinguish guest coming from different communities, associations, companies for this function. In 21 century in Tasmania, it’s time for business to start and think about how to work collaborate and cooperate. Work together is the best way to get a win-win result through the business association. If you want to know about new business opportunities, how to work together, how to do business with China, please join Tasmania Chinese business association (TCBA). More information about TCBA, please contact: admin@tcbatasmania.com.au
塔斯马尼亚第一个华人商会于2013年8月8号正式成立,8月15日在澳洲最古老的赌场Wrest Point 召开开幕式。这是一个历史铭记的瞬间,这是一种在塔斯马尼亚前所未有的华商团结与交流的方式,这是一个华人大展宏图的舞台。


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